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We are experts at providing customer health analytics and monitoring for recurring home service providers.

We excel at closing the customer analytics gap that small businesses face against large competitors. Our customer health monitoring platform levels the playing field allowing small firms to gain actionable insights to customer churn, retention, and attrition without teams of analysts.
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Our Value

Platform-based Customer Churn/Retention/Attrition Analysis
  • You run a lean back-office. We provide the fractional analyst you need to stay ahead of changes to your recurring customer health. Take proactive steps instead of reacting to downturns.
  • Our analysts teach you to find the trends in your data that are hiding below the surface.
  • Proactive alerts about suspect customers so you are investing time and effort ahead of adverse events.
  • Data-driven events that initiate retention action by your customer care team.
On-Demand Analytics
  • Don't wait for a spreadsheet to be updated. Continuous automated data-syncing provides you with up-to-date analytics.
  • Get a robust view that includes leading indicators, what-if analysis and shades of health within your data.

What is our difference?

We bring a platform-based solution with expert analysts to address recurring customer health from to sales, operations and finance perspectives. An entrepreneurial foused solution for small and medium organizations.

Alarm Dealership Management

We have extensive experience identifying and fine-tuning the components of an alarm dealership that unlock value and create success with long-term loyal customers.


Our platform utilizes cloud based compute and storage platforms to remove all constraints on scalability.


Are you preparing to sell, take on partners, or acquire financing? The better the quality of customer health data you have, the better you can negotiate the terms.

Stop Reacting and Start Seeing What Lies Ahead

Solve your customer health visibility problem once. Implement our reliable, robust, and scalable solution so you can rest easy and focus on other areas of your business.

Who We Are

Justin W. Steigerwalt

Justin is a seasoned operations and technology professional in the alarm and home automation industry. Since 2005 he has held roles as diverse as controller and systems architect in various large and small recurring revenue businesses. Growing up in a family business, he's always been in tune with the goals, motivations and struggles of high performing entrepreneurs.
Justin holds a Bachelor of Science Degree from the Daniel Guggenheim School of Aerospace Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Master of Science Degree in Finance from the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University.

Adriana Oliveira

Offshore Coordinator
Adriana brings over 5 years of leadership experience empowering offshore teams to deliver high quality results.
Adriana is based in Curitiba, Brazil and fluent in Portuguese, English, and French.
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